Top 5 Birthday Cake Ideas

You’ve picked the venue, sent the invitations and got the balloons. What’s left to do? Choose your cake of course! We’ve made it easy and compiled a list of our top 5 birthday cake ideas.

1. Fault Line Cake

Fault line cakes are a fun take on the ever popular stacked buttercream cakes, but the difference lies in the fun middle section that makes the cake unique. One of the best things about this theme is that it allows for creativity and customisation. Fill the ‘fault’ with strawberries, sprinkles, glitter or flowers – the possibilities are endless!

2. Minimalist

Originating from Korea, this fun new trend scales way back from the decadent cakes that can be seen all over social media recently. Using simple buttercream to create designs, these cakes stand out in a cute, understated way.

3. Number Cake

Forget number candles on your cake, having a number cake ensures none of your guests forget how old you’re turning! These cakes are especially popular for milestone birthdays, including 18ths, 21sts, 30ths and 50ths. Top with fresh cream, fruit or anything your heart desires!

4. Naked Cake

Not a fan of layers of fondant, buttercream and sprinkles on your cake? Perfect for creating understated elegance, naked cakes provide the wow factor without the heavy layers of sugar decor. Complete with fresh flowers on the top for an refined rustic feel.

5. Dried Flowers

Let’s face it, cakes topped with flowers are beautiful, but overdone. If you’re still a fan of the floral elements but want your cake to stand out, opt for dried (edible) petals instead. You could colour coordinate your petals, or scatter them randomly for a fun look instead.


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