Party Games For Kids

Make your next kids party a huge success with these classic party games for kids, there’s something for every age and most can be adapted to your kid’s party theme. Some are old favourites and some are a new twist on the classics you’ll remember from when you were a kid!


1.Dinosaur Dig

Hide toy dinosaurs (or whatever suits your party theme) and send the kids on an archeological hunt! This fun kids party game will keep your little guests entertained, plus they get a fun prize to take home!


2. Pass The Parcel

Always a fun party game for kids! Simply wrap a small prize in layers of paper and pass the parcel until the music stops. The secret is to put a treat in every layer so every kid wins something!


3. Doughnut Challenge

What kid doesn’t love doughnuts? Hang doughnuts from pieces of string for this classic party game for kids. Kids have to eat as much of the doughnut as they can without it falling, but the trick is they can’t use their hands!  Make sure you have some spare doughnuts and wet wipes on hand!


4. Scavenger Hunt

If you’ve got a little more time on your hands to plan out  your activities, a scavenger hunt is a favourite party game for kids. Whether you’re inside or outside, prepare a list of things to collect, and let the kids go crazy as they rush to find everything on their list.


5. Sleeping Lions

Sleeping lions is one of the easiest party games for kids, as it requires no preparation. Kids simply lie down and try to remain motionless while an adult walks through telling jokes trying to get them to laugh. Whoever giggles, wriggles or  twitches is out! Sleeping lions is the perfect party game for kids who need a little calming down from the excitement, and parents who need a little break as well!


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