35 Of The Best 50th Birthday Invitation Ideas

Your 50th Birthday is a big milestone! Your party is sure to be a hit. Why not show your guests how great your party will be with some exciting invitations to match. Gather some inspiration from these top 5 birthday invitation ideas!

1. Fun Cookie 50th Birthday Invitations

Everybody loves cookies, especially themed ones that will inform guests of your upcoming 50th birthday. Treat your guests to a tasty surprise as they open your fun 50th birthday invite.

Cookies found on Etsy.

2. Retro Themed Birthday Invites

Talk about blast to the past with these retro styled invites. Take your guests back to older times with these funky retro themed birthday invitations, perfect for your upcoming 50th birthday party.

3. Add A Photo To Your 50th Party Invite

What a fun way to spruce up your 50th birthday invitation. Add a funny photo to your invite: a cute baby photo, something slightly embarrassing but still funny, or a recent selfie you took.


4. Funky Newspaper Birthday Invitation

Send your guests an invitation they have never seen before. This unique newspaper design is sure to engage your guests and get them excited for your 50th birthday celebration.

Australian 90th Birthday gift 1933 Personalized Printable image 1

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5. Chocolate 50th Birthday Invitation

Send out chocolate invitations to your guests and they will be wishing you sent out a second by accident. Chocolate is perfect treat for your guests, they won’t be able to decline your invitation.

6. Elegant Gold Foil Birthday Invitations:

Add a touch of sophistication to your 50th birthday invitations with elegant gold foil accents. Choose a classic design and let the gold foil do the talking to set the tone for a chic and stylish celebration.

7. Customized Pop-Up Birthday Invitations:

Create a fun and interactive invitation that pops up when opened. Incorporate your favorite colors and designs to make your 50th birthday invitations stand out and give your guests a sneak peek of what’s to come.

8. Destination Birthday Invitations:

If you’re planning a destination birthday celebration, create invitations that reflect the location. Use images of the beach, mountains, or city skyline to create an invitation that gets your guests excited about the upcoming trip.

9. Vintage Inspired Birthday Invitations:

Take a step back in time with vintage-inspired birthday invitations. Incorporate old-fashioned typography, illustrations, or patterns to create an invitation that feels timeless and nostalgic.

10. DIY Balloon Birthday Invitations:

Create a unique invitation by attaching a deflated balloon to the card with the party details. Your guests can inflate the balloon to reveal the location and time of your 50th birthday celebration.

11. Glittery Birthday Invitations:

Add some sparkle to your invitations with glitter accents. Whether you opt for a full-on glitter design or just a touch of shimmer, your guests will love the festive vibe.

12. Carnival Birthday Invitations:

Create a playful and fun invitation that reflects the carnival theme. Use bright colors and illustrations of carnival games, rides, or treats to create a vibrant and exciting invitation.

13. Personalized Vinyl Record Birthday Invitations:

For music lovers, create a custom vinyl record invitation. Include a playlist of your favorite songs and party details on the record label for a unique and personalized invitation.

14. Use a Creative Die-Cut Shape:

Create a one-of-a-kind invitation by using a unique die-cut shape. Choose a shape that reflects your personality or the theme of your 50th birthday party for an eye-catching invitation.

15. Rustic Birthday Invitations:

For a cozy and inviting invitation, opt for a rustic design. Incorporate natural materials like kraft paper or twine and use earthy colors to create an invitation that feels warm and welcoming.

16. Use a Passport Invitation:

Create a fun and unique invitation that looks like a passport, complete with party details and a stamped “entry” page. This is a great option for a travel-themed 50th birthday celebration.

17. Geometric Birthday Invitations:

Create a modern and stylish invitation by incorporating geometric patterns and shapes. Use bold colors and clean lines to create an invitation that feels contemporary and sophisticated.

18. Create a Flipbook Invitation:

Create a playful and interactive invitation with a flipbook design. Include images and text that move when flipped, giving your guests a sneak peek into what’s to come at your 50th birthday party.

19. Balloon Bouquet Birthday Invitations:

Create an invitation that doubles as a fun party decoration by attaching a bouquet of balloons to the card. Choose balloons in your favorite colors and include party details on a separate card attached to the balloons.

20. Watercolor Birthday Invitations:

Add an artistic touch to your invitations with watercolor artwork. Use soft pastel colors and abstract designs to create a unique and elegant invitation.

21. Puzzle Piece Birthday Invitations:

Create a puzzle piece invitation where each guest receives one piece with their invitation. They have to bring their puzzle piece to the party to reveal the location and time of the celebration.

22. Laser-Cut Birthday Invitations:

Create a sophisticated and intricate invitation with laser-cut technology. Use a unique design or a monogram to create a one-of-a-kind invitation that will impress your guests.

23. Metallic Birthday Invitations:

Add some shine to your invitations with metallic accents. Use gold, silver, or rose gold foil to create a luxe and stylish invitation.

24. Unique Bottle Cap Invitations:

Create a unique invitation by attaching the party details to a bottle cap. Your guests can use the bottle cap as a keepsake after the celebration.

25. Chalkboard Birthday Invitations:

Create a rustic and charming invitation with a chalkboard design. Use a hand-drawn font and illustrations to create a personalized and inviting invitation.

26. Hollywood Glam Birthday Invitations:

Create an invitation that feels like a VIP pass to a Hollywood event. Use a black and gold color scheme and include a “red carpet” dress code to create a glamorous and unforgettable celebration.

27. Minimalist Birthday Invitations:

Keep it simple and elegant with a minimalist invitation. Use a single color or a muted color scheme and minimal design elements to create a sophisticated and stylish invitation.

28. Musical Notes Birthday Invitations:

For music lovers, create an invitation with musical notes and symbols. Use a black and white color scheme and include a playlist of your favorite songs to create a fun and unique invitation.

29. Beach-Themed Birthday Invitations:

Create an invitation that feels like a day at the beach. Use images of seashells, waves, or beach umbrellas to create a fun and relaxed invitation that sets the tone for a seaside celebration.

30. Illustrated Birthday Invitations:

Create a personalized and whimsical invitation with an illustrated design. Use hand-drawn illustrations or caricatures of yourself and your guests to create a fun and memorable invitation that your guests will love.

31. DIY Origami Birthday Invitations:

Create a unique and personalized invitation with DIY origami. Fold paper into fun and intricate designs to create an invitation that is both fun to make and fun to receive.

32. Elegant Calligraphy Birthday Invitations:

Add a touch of elegance to your invitations with beautiful calligraphy. Use a classic and simple design with elegant calligraphy to create an invitation that feels timeless and refined.

33. Comic Book Birthday Invitations:

Create a fun and playful invitation with a comic book design. Use bold colors and cartoon illustrations to create a unique and exciting invitation that sets the tone for a fun celebration.

34. DIY Message in a Bottle Birthday Invitations:

Create a beachy and fun invitation by sending out messages in bottles. Fill each bottle with sand, seashells, and a scroll with the party details to create a personalized and creative invitation.

35. Bold Typography Birthday Invitations:

Create a statement invitation with bold typography. Use oversized letters or unique fonts to create an invitation that catches the eye and sets the tone for a stylish celebration.

Your 50th birthday is a major milestone, and your invitations should reflect the importance of this celebration. From elegant gold foil designs to playful puzzle pieces and DIY origami, there are endless creative ways to invite your guests to your 50th birthday party. Whether you prefer a classic and sophisticated design or something bold and playful, these 50th birthday invitation ideas offer something for everyone. So, gather inspiration from these ideas and let your imagination run wild to create an invitation that perfectly captures the spirit of your celebration. Your guests will be excited to attend a party that starts with such a creative and unique invitation!