30 Brilliant 21st Birthday Party Invitation Ideas to Excite Your Guests

Your 21st birthday party is coming up and I’m guessing you need something to get everyone excited. The first thing your guests will see is your invitations, so why not go all out. These top 5 21st invitation ideas will inspire you to send out 21st invitations that no one could say no to.

30 Brilliant 21st Birthday Party Invitation Ideas to Excite Your Guests

Terracotta Arch 21st Birthday Invitations

1.Keep Your 21st Birthday Invites Classic

21 is a big milestone. Some may consider it to be the age when you really turn into an adult (sometimes we still just want to be kids when we hit the big 18), nevertheless you might want to show that yep, you really are an adult now. So why not keep it classic and sophisticated. A simple design will also convey the sophisticated theme you might be going for.

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2. Send Out Something Sweet Alongside Your 21st Birthday Invite

Can you imagine the delight on your guests face when they open your birthday invitation and it includes something sweet? This idea is certain to satisfy that sweet tooth. Consider some nicely wrapped chocolate, cute macaroons or a sweet treat.

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3. Add a Floral Theme To Your 21st Birthday Invitations

A nice floral theme with bold colours is sure to brighten your invitees day. Using bright colours and flowers will not only brighten their day but it will look great!

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4. Add Some Glitter To Those 21st Party Invitations

How about adding a little surprise to your birthday party invitations. A touch of glitter or confetti will add that extra touch and excitement to your 21st party invitations. I know… this can get messy, give your guest some warning. Might I suggest a little note on the envelope, “A glittery surprise inside”.

5. Create Alcohol Themed Birthday Invites

Who doesn’t like beer? This birthday party invitation will have guests wishing it was 5’o clock already. This 21st invitation type is also great to set the theme if you were planning on hosting at a brewery or even a winery.

Find this template on Paperdivas

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6. Incorporate Personalised Photos:

Customise your invitations with a personal touch by including a photo collage showcasing your journey to adulthood. This adds a sentimental element and gives your guests a glimpse into your life.

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7. Choose a Unique Shape or Material:

Opt for an unconventional invitation shape or material to make your 21st birthday party invitation stand out. Experiment with acrylic, wood, or even fabric invites to create a lasting impression.

Lorena - Bling 21st Birthday Invitation – Deezee Designs

8. Incorporate a Dress Code or Theme:

Set the stage for your celebration by incorporating a dress code or theme into your invitations. Whether it’s a black-tie affair, a costume party, or a specific colour scheme, provide your guests with guidance to ensure a cohesive and stylish event.

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9. Go Digital with Animated E-Invites:

Embrace technology and opt for animated e-invites to send a dynamic and interactive invitation to your guests. This eco-friendly option saves paper and allows for easy RSVP management.

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10. Use a Clever Wordplay or Pun:

Inject humour and personality into your invitations with clever wordplay or puns that reflect your unique style. A witty invitation is sure to bring a smile to your guests’ faces and spark excitement for the celebration.

11. Create a Passport Invitation:

Give your guests the feeling of going on a trip to celebrate your 21st birthday by creating a passport invitation. Include details about the party as if it were a travel itinerary.

12. Make a Music Festival Invitation:

For music lovers, create an invitation that mimics a music festival ticket. Incorporate festival-themed images and include details about the performers (i.e. your friends who will be performing at your party!).

13. Use Bold Typography:

Make a statement with bold typography that immediately catches the eye. Use an oversized font or unique typography to create a visually striking invitation.

14. Create a Puzzle Invitation:

Add some intrigue to your invitations by creating a puzzle. Print the details of the party on different pieces, and have your guests put the puzzle together to reveal the location and time.

15. Use Geometric Patterns:

Add some modern flair to your invitations by incorporating geometric patterns. Use bold shapes and colors to create a dynamic and stylish invitation.

16. Create a Movie Ticket Invitation:

For film enthusiasts, create an invitation that resembles a movie ticket. Include details about the party as if it were a movie showing, and add an RSVP section as the “ticket stub.”

17. Use Watercolor Art:

Add an artistic touch to your invitations with watercolor artwork. Create a unique design that reflects your style and personality.

18. Send a Message in a Bottle Invitation:

Create a beachy vibe by sending your guests a message in a bottle invitation. Roll up the invitation and place it in a small bottle with sand and seashells.

19. Use a Pop-Up Invitation:

Create a memorable and interactive invitation by using a pop-up design. Incorporate images and text that pop-up when the invitation is opened.

20. Create a Scratch-Off Invitation:

Add an element of surprise to your invitations by creating a scratch-off design. Include the party details under a scratch-off coating for your guests to reveal.

21. Use a Balloon Invitation:

Create an invitation that resembles a balloon, complete with a string and a tag with party details. This playful design will definitely get your guests excited for the celebration.

22. Create a Comic Book Invitation:

For a fun and playful invitation, create a comic book-style invitation with illustrated panels that tell the story of your 21st birthday party. This is a great option for a casual and relaxed celebration.

23. Send a Customized Bottle of Wine:

Send your guests a personalized bottle of wine with a label that includes the party details. This invitation doubles as a party favor and will set the tone for a fun and festive celebration.

24. Use a Mirror Invitation:

Create an invitation that is also a functional mirror! Include the party details on the back of the mirror, and your guests will have a keepsake that they can use after the celebration.

25. Create a Video Invitation:

Create a video invitation that showcases your personality and style. This is a great way to add a personal touch and get your guests excited for the celebration.

26. Use a Laser-Cut Invitation:

Create a unique and intricate invitation by using laser-cut technology. Choose a design that reflects your personality and style, and your guests will be impressed by the attention to detail.

27. Send a Box of Goodies:

Send your guests a box of goodies that includes a personalized invitation, as well as party favors and treats. This invitation will definitely stand out and make your guests feel special.

28. Create a Board Game Invitation:

Create a board game-style invitation that includes the party details and instructions on how to play. This is a fun and interactive way to get your guests excited for the celebration.

29. Use a Comic Strip Invitation:

Create a comic strip-style invitation with illustrated panels that tell the story of your 21st birthday party. This is a great option for a casual and relaxed celebration.

30. Send a Customized Cocktail Kit:

Send your guests a customized cocktail kit that includes a personalized invitation, as well as all the ingredients needed to make a signature cocktail. This invitation doubles as a party favour and will set the tone for a fun and festive celebration.

As you plan your 21st birthday party, consider these inventive and eye-catching invitation ideas to entice your guests and create a memorable experience. With the right blend of creativity and personalisation, your invitations will set the tone for a fabulous celebration that truly marks this significant milestone.