40th Birthday Party Ideas For Memorable Events

40th Birthday Idea: Colour Theme

Stuck for 40th birthday party ideas? A colour theme is always a winner. Even the simplest styling looks great in coordinated, tone-on-tone colour, and we promise your photos will look AHmazing.

A colour theme is also popular with guests as they get the chance to dress up, without having to hire an expensive costume. But whatever you do, don’t be cruel and pick yellow.

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40th Birthday Idea: Bad Taste Party

If you want your guests to leave their inhibitions at the door, there’s nothing as liberating as a Bad Taste 40th party. From daggy food to terrible music and trashy décor, you can really have fun with the theming here.

Expect to see plenty of mullets, muffin tops and Donald Trumps shaking it to Barbie Girl on the dance floor. Plus, over-inflated lips chowing down on cabana-topped Jatz and mini cocktail onions.

We draw the line at goon bags though. You’re not total animals.

40th Birthday Idea: Foodie Feast

If you’re way past the days when you thought ‘eating was cheating’, a sit-down meal’s always a great 40th birthday party idea. A long-table feast with good quality wine is the perfect way for the foodie guy or gal to celebrate.

Just make sure you ask for everyone’s dietary requirements in advance. And move around between courses so you get to chat to all your guests.

40th Birthday Idea: Letter Party

Your birthday party is all about you, so why not give a nod to your name with a letter themed bash? Ask guests to come dressed as something starting with your first initial, and extend the theme to drinks, snacks and décor.

Bear in mind that some letters work better than others, and maybe give it a miss if your name’s Zoe or Xavier.

40th Birthday Idea: 90s Sitcom Theme

With all the hype around a slated Friends reunion, it’s the perfect time to throw a ‘90s sitcom themed bash! Either choose your favourite show or keep the theme open and see who rocks up with ‘The Rachel’ or throws an Elaine on the dance floor.
As for the 40th birthday catering? Carbalicious pretzels and muffin tops will mop up the booze.

40th Birthday Idea: 80s Dance Party

If you’re a child of the ‘80s whose biggest joy in life is dancing around her handbag to All Night Long, then you do you. For your birthday bash, pop on your fluoro scrunchie, off-the-shoulder top and leg warmers and throw an epic ‘80s dance party!

With a birthday party theme this good, Ain’t Nobody going to complain. #sorrynotsorry

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