Top 5 Wedding Cake Ideas

When planning a wedding there are lots of details that are not so fun, but thankfully choosing your wedding cake is one of the most enjoyable. Scrolling through images of decadent wedding cakes can be overwhelming though, so we’ve picked our top 5 wedding cake ideas. There’s a stunning wedding cake idea out there for each couple, no matter how varied their style may be.

Wedding Cake Idea #1. Mixed Finishes

A matte white wedding cake is a classic favourite that you can’t go wrong with, but for a modern twist add mixed finishes and textures. The whole look can be elevated by adding satin-finished petals and subtle hues of colour. Add some gold leaf for an extra special touch.

Wedding cake







Wedding Cake Idea #2. Porcelain

For a wedding cake that balances between traditional and modern a porcelain patterned wedding cake it the perfect choice. Blue floral illustrations on stark white fondant resemble beautiful fine china. Serve on matching china for a look your guests are sure to remember.







Wedding Cake Idea #3. Watercolour

An elegant and sophisticated look, a watercolour wedding cake is perfect for the bride who wants a pop of colour. Top with some coordinating flowers for a polished look.

Wedding Cake Idea #4. Textured Details

Minimalist wedding cakes don’t have to be bland. Try keeping the one colour and instead experimenting with texture to create a unique look.



Wedding Cake Idea #5. Fresh Fruit Toppers

With the rising popularity of rustic themed weddings, a current favourite is wedding cakes topped with fresh fruit. These cakes give a ‘real life renaissance painting’ feel to any wedding. Pair with a stark white buttercream cake to highlight the rich colours and textures of the adorning fruit.


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